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The Best Internet Marketing and PPC Management Services of 2022

Matt D'Angelo
Business News Daily Contributing Writer
| Updated
Jan 27, 2022

Need help with your online marketing efforts? Here are our top-ranked services for different business needs, as well as what to look for in a marketing and PPC management service provider.
Best Internet Marketing Service for Very Small Businesses
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Price: Marketing Hub plans range from $50-$3,200 per month.
Best Internet Marketing Service
Price: $900-$2,000 per month.
Best PPC Management Service for Small Businesses
Price: Contact company for a price quote.
Best Overall PPC Management Tool
Silverback Strategies
Price: Contact company for a price quote.
Need help with your online marketing efforts? Here are our top-ranked services for different business needs, as well as what to look for in a marketing and PPC management service provider.

Attracting new customers has never been easier for small businesses, thanks to the internet. Online marketing empowers small businesses to promote their products and services to customers not only where they're located, but across the country. Various online marketing strategies – search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and link building – can increase your business's online presence.

Rather than carry out their own online marketing plan, many small businesses employ internet marketing services to do it for them. These companies offer a range of services to help businesses improve their online rankings and build a strong online profile.

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Our Reviews

HubSpot: Best Internet Marketing Service for Very Small Businesses

HubSpot offers a suite of internet marketing services at an affordable price, which is ideal for small businesses and those taking a DIY approach to digital marketing.
HubSpot provides designated experts to help you with your software or services.
The service has some poor customer reviews on the BBB website; we recommend that you read these to determine whether HubSpot's services are right for your business.
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HubSpot is a great internet marketing service for very small businesses, providing every feature we expect in a digital marketing service at an affordable price. While HubSpot offers five packages, the free version and starter package are great options for very small businesses, because you can use many tools to increase your online visibility and grow your business without hiring a marketing team.

The DIY approach to digital marketing makes HubSpot a natural partner for microbusinesses and startups. The company is transparent about its pricing, and you can easily add or remove services to ensure you're getting what you want out of your digital marketing strategy.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot lists all of its services, plans and prices on its website. This level of transparency is ideal for small business owners looking to get a quick view of what partnering with HubSpot would cost. HubSpot breaks its services into four main groups: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and CMS Hub. We focused on the Marketing Hub for our review.

Within each of these groups are four plans that range from free to enterprise level: a free plan, a starter plan ($50 per month), a professional plan ($800 per month) and an enterprise plan ($3,200 per month). As of November 2020, the starter and professional plans offer 10% discounts if you pay the yearly rate upfront. The length of the contract varies based on your business's needs.

HubSpot doesn't provide account managers for its free or starter packages, but users have access to the company's support system. Higher-tiered plans include more access to HubSpot resources and account managers to help build out services. Overall, HubSpot's transparency means that business owners can get an idea of the company's services without having to go through the sales process.

HubSpot Features

HubSpot provides small businesses with several valuable internet marketing services, including the following:

  • SEO: HubSpot's SEO tools include full analytics software, content strategy tools, landing-page design, lead management tools and keyword strategy tools.

  • Email marketing: HubSpot provides A/B testing, personalized emails, email design and email analytics.

  • Social media: HubSpot allows you to build campaigns; publish to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; monitor social mentions; and publish content at the right time to increase your engagement rate. There is also an analytics dashboard with social media reporting features.

  • Design: With HubSpot's software, you can design landing pages and customize different areas of your website. This is a feature of HubSpot's software; the company does not provide a direct design service.

HubSpot Pros

We were impressed by the range of plans HubSpot offers; this variety makes the company's services accessible to all types of business. Additionally, HubSpot is one of the few companies we reviewed that provide designated experts to help you with your software or services. There are extensive manuals and troubleshooting options for figuring out how to build campaigns and see the best results. The DIY nature of this company's software makes it a great option for very small businesses looking for a useful tool that won't break the bank.

HubSpot Cons

One negative was the poor customer reviews on the BBB website. Before you sign up, we recommend that you read the reviews to determine whether HubSpot's services are the right fit for your business's needs.

HubSpot Customer Support

HubSpot provides customer support by phone, email and live chat. The representatives we spoke with were informative and helpful. For plans that don't offer a dedicated account manager, business owners can still work with HubSpot's support team through these routes. Additionally, HubSpot offers several free DIY resources, including blogs and free courses.


Act-On: Best Internet Marketing Service

Act-On offers a comprehensive suite of internet marketing services, including support for SEO, email marketing tools and social media consulting.
Act-On can scale its services to meet your business's changing needs.
Act-On has limited customer reviews on the company's BBB profile.

With helpful search engine marketing tools, marketing emails, web design, reports and social listening, Act-On is a strong choice for your internet marketing service needs. The company's email and search engine marketing tools and analytics can help any business excel online. The email marketing tool allows you to personalize emails with a customer's name and information. You can also put contacts into different lists based on their interests and other categories, ensuring your customers only receive relevant emails.

One major advantage of Act-On is its ability to scale services to meet your needs. If you start with SEO services, for instance, you can easily build in social media marketing or email marketing services later, making this company a versatile digital marketing partner.

Act-On Pricing

While many internet marketing services don't list their pricing online, Act-On shares this information openly. By providing clear rates on its website, Act-On demonstrates that it's a transparent company willing to work with small business owners.

Act-On's pricing is broken down into two plans: professional and enterprise. The professional plan starts at $900 per month for a complete marketing automation program. The enterprise plan, which starts at $2,000 per month, includes extra features, like customer relationship management (CRM) software integrations, account-based marketing, advanced reporting and business intelligence integration.

Both plans require a yearly contract. While this is a longer-term commitment than other companies require, it's still on a par with industry standards. The scalability of the plans also means that, as your business grows, you can adjust your offering to match your changing needs.

Unlike some other services, Act-On does not provide account managers for its plans. However, because Act-On offers marketing software rather than services, that limitation is not unusual.

Act-On Features

Act-On provides a wide range of internet marketing services, including the following:

  • SEO: Act-On can provide an SEO audit of your website, so you can determine where you stand among competitors and improve your SEO. The company also offers a host of other SEO-related services, like real-time alerts, anonymous visitor tracking and traffic analytics.

  • Email marketing: Act-On prioritizes lead building in its email marketing offering. The company offers segmentation, trigger emails, funnel reports and A/B testing. It also provides CRM integration and automated email programs.

  • Social media: Act-On's social media tools include adaptive social posting, audience engagement, social listening, consumer analytics, and the ability to publish to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The company also offers content curation services and analytics in an intuitive dashboard.

  • Design tools: Act-On provides landing-page design tools, so you can build high-impact pages that help build leads. It also offers A/B testing for landing pages, so you can design the best page for your business and potential clients.

  • Reporting features: Act-On provides advanced reporting and analytics tools, so you can collect and analyze marketing data. The company offers campaign reports, revenue attribution, marketing funnels, Google Ads support, email performance tracking, landing-page traffic and conversions, and social media engagement reports.

Act-On Pros

Act-On is one of the most comprehensive services we reviewed. Whether you need SEO help, email marketing tools, social media consulting, design tools or other digital marketing services, Act-On has you covered. Many services in the internet marketing and digital marketing industry specialize in one aspect of service. Act-On is one of the few companies that have strong offerings in all areas of their services. Other positives include extensive reporting features and pricing transparency.

Act-On Cons

One downside is that there are limited customer reviews on Act-On's BBB profile. Additionally, Act-On's required yearly contract may be a dealbreaker for businesses that aren't looking for a long-term commitment.

Act-On Customer Support

Act-On offers tiered customer support plans. You can access the company's community support, phone support and web-based chat support for free. The representatives we chatted with were informative and helpful. They didn't push for a sale at any point and answered all of our questions.

If you're looking for advanced support features, including 24/7 support and access to customer success teams, you'll have to pay for a premium support package.


WebiMax: Best PPC Management Service for Small Businesses

WebiMax offers one of the most comprehensive lists of internet marketing services available on the market.
The company offers month-to-month contracts, so clients are not locked into a long-term contract.
WebiMax does not publish prices on its website, so you must contact a representative to receive a quote.

WebiMax is a comprehensive internet marketing service that offers search engine optimization (SEO), web design, search engine marketing, lead generation, reputation management, social media marketing and email marketing services. It also has a robust PPC and internet marketing offering and excellent customer service with one-on-one attention. While many companies we reviewed embody some of these elements, WebiMax is one of the few that include all of the best features.

WebiMax has a standout PPC management offering, and it can help you define your needs, set goals and review the digital marketing practices necessary to grow your business. As a full-fledged service, WebiMax can work with you to create customized, comprehensive campaigns for your small business. Finally, WebiMax is a Google-certified PPC management company, and it's also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.

WebiMax Pricing

WebiMax tailors its services to small businesses' needs on a case-by-case basis and doesn't provide a full breakdown of its pricing and plans on its website as some internet marketing companies do.

However, in the past, WebiMax stated on its website that pricing for its services ranged from $500 to $200,000, which demonstrated its intention to serve businesses of all sizes. It's not clear if this has changed, but it's an indication that the company wants to work with you on pricing.

Once you have agreed on a price, WebiMax operates on month-to-month service deals, so the company won't lock you into a long-term contract. You'll also have an account manager to coordinate with you and help you build your plan.

We were impressed with WebiMax's sales team. We posed as a small business owner interested in the company, to get a better idea of what it offers and test its customer service. The representative at WebiMax assessed our needs and gave us some great background information on the SEO services it could provide. Instead of trying to set us up with a starter or entry-level package, WebiMax matched its services to our hypothetical business's goals. This level of attention demonstrates that the service is a good fit for small businesses.

WebiMax Features

WebiMax is a full-service agency that offers a wide range of services, including the following:

  • PPC services: WebiMax offers free PPC analysis, campaign analysis, landing-page updates and a transparent strategy. It also provides details on long-term strategies, ideas to increase your return on investment, keyword and low-cost channel analysis, and other landing-page updates that can increase your conversion rates.

  • SEO tools and services: WebiMax provides Google marketing services, link building, local search help, multilingual SEO support, on-site optimization and SEO copywriting. WebiMax lays out a code of SEO ethics on its site as well, demonstrating that its approach to optimization management is not only good for your business but also ethical.

  • Email marketing: This company's email marketing plan includes email acquisition, template design, copy creation, email scheduling and tracking. It also has multistep email campaigns designed to improve engagement and keep customers coming back to your business.

  • Social media marketing: WebiMax provides social media marketing services for all of the major social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. The company also offers social monitoring tools, so you can engage with customers who mention your business on these social networks as well.

  • Web and ad design: If you have design needs in addition to your marketing needs, WebiMax can help design your website, ads and landing pages. The company also offers branding, custom web development and e-commerce solutions.

  • Reporting features: WebiMax tracks all of the data generated by your campaigns, which you can access through an online customer portal. The insights from this data can help you better manage your internet marketing service and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns.

WebiMax Pros

WebiMax provides full-fledged digital marketing services for all businesses, so you can turn to this company whether you need to quickly design a landing page or create an email marketing campaign. WebiMax works with businesses of all sizes; it won't turn you away just because you're a small business.

Additionally, WebiMax's PPC management offering is one of the best of any company we reviewed. It pairs you with a specialist so you can work together to establish the goals of your PPC campaign. Throughout the campaign, both of you will monitor the progress of the campaign to ensure that it is on track and that you're meeting your goals. Another thing we like about WebiMax is that it offers a free PPC analysis. With this information, you get a clear picture of what the service would do to improve your PPC campaigns.

Overall, WebiMax has the best and most comprehensive services of any internet marketing company we reviewed. It combines breadth of services with personalized attention so you can build out an offering that makes the most sense for your business. Instead of signing up for software and building internet marketing campaigns on your own, you work with a group of experts. WebiMax is one of the few companies we reviewed that have an A+ rating and earned accreditation with the BBB. WebiMax also scored four stars among customer reviews on the BBB site.

WebiMax Cons

The biggest downside of WebiMax that we uncovered is that it doesn't list detailed information about its pricing on its website. That's likely because of the custom nature of the services, but it would be nice to get a ballpark idea. You'll need to contact the company to learn how much its services cost.

WebiMax Customer Support

Like many internet marketing services, WebiMax provides email, phone and live-chat support for its customers, so you can get in touch with a WebiMax representative at any time. WebiMax had one of the best customer service experiences of all the companies we contacted. The representative we spoke with was knowledgeable but not pushy. He made it clear that WebiMax focuses on transparency. WebiMax also has a variety of resources available on its website, including FAQs, a digital marketing guide and a blog.


Silverback Strategies: Best Overall PPC Management Tool

Silverback Strategies offers PPC management support and a host of quality internet marketing services to support your efforts.
Silverback Strategies' services are highly customizable, and your account manager supports you every step of the way.
Pricing is not available on the website, so you'll need to contact a representative for a quote – a task that's challenging because the company doesn't offer 24/7 customer service or live-chat features.

Silverback Strategies is a top PPC management tool because analysts provide personalized services every step of the way. They work with you to ensure you receive the right service for your company's goals. The account managers know the ins and outs of search engine and social media marketing, and they can adjust campaigns to fit your needs. When building a PPC strategy, you need reliable access to experts to help you plan, and Silverback Strategies provides exemplary attention and customer service. Silverback Strategies' proven track record makes the company an ideal choice for small businesses.

Silverback's strategy is proactive and personalized to each company. Your account manager can help you choose the best keywords, optimize bid management for ad placement and maximize your return on investment. Silverback also offers a range of other internet marketing services to support your PPC efforts.

Silverback Strategies Pricing

Silverback Strategies does not list pricing on its website, so you'll have to contact the company to get an idea of how much it will cost your business. Silverback provides personalized services, so pricing and contract terms will vary based on your business's needs. 

The company provides purposeful, highly individualized service, so if you're looking for a month-to-month, plug-and-play solution, it may be better to look elsewhere. The biggest highlight of Silverback's services is the dedicated account managers who can help you build your PPC campaign, which is ideal for business owners who have limited experience in this area.

Silverback Strategies Features

Silverback Strategies offers a wide range of internet marketing services, including the following:

  • PPC: Silverback provides personalized attention for your keyword research, audience insights, account buildout, campaign targeting, ad copywriting, e-commerce feed setup and optimization, and advanced reports.

  • SEO: Silverback provides competitive analysis, technical audits, keyword research and mapping, keyword matrices, monthly reports, and a checklist for your site migration.

  • Social tools: Silverback handles your content, audience research, editorial strategy, asset production, blogging services, social media management, link building, influencer marketing and monthly reporting.

  • Web design: If you partner with Silverback, you'll have access to experts who can help you design webpages and landing pages.

  • Reporting features: Silverback builds reporting features into all of its services. Because you work closely with account managers, you can review analytics and data from your campaigns to improve your strategy and get more out of the service.

Silverback Strategies Pros

Silverback's personalized nature makes it an ideal partner for companies of all sizes looking to build out a marketing and PPC campaign as a major part of their business. As opposed to more hands-off, software-based initiatives, Silverback Strategies helps you develop your PPC management plan every step of the way. In addition, Silverback is a full-service agency with some of the best features of any internet marketing company we reviewed.

Silverback Strategies Cons

One potential negative of Silverback Strategies is that it doesn't list pricing online. This is true of most custom services in the internet marketing space, but it would be nice to get an idea without having to speak to a representative. 

Another downside is that Silverback Strategies' customer service isn't open 24/7 and doesn't offer live chat. When contacting the sales department, we had no problem reaching a knowledgeable person. However, because the rep was the only one answering calls, they were busy and unable to answer our questions at that time. This is challenging when you first try to get information and sign up, but once you sign on with Silverback Strategies, you'll receive an account manager to contact at any time.

Silverback Strategies Customer Support

You can reach Silverback Strategies by phone and email, but the company doesn't provide live chat. You will, however, have a dedicated account manager once you sign up, so you'll get personalized support and attention to your business.


Best Online Marketing Services

In this guide, we break down the difference between internet marketing and PPC management, and highlight the best companies in the industry today. While internet marketing and PPC management are similar, there are some important distinctions to understand first before you speak with online marketing agencies.

Internet marketing or digital marketing services encompass nearly ever online marketing feature: social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing and a host of other services. PPC management, on the other hand, involves pay-per-click advertising and a marketing strategy. PPC management is a targeted approach to directing more traffic and sales to your website through ads placed on Google or Facebook, for example. In some ways, PPC management is a type of digital marketing.

What to Look for in an Online Marketing Service

When choosing an online marketing company or PPC management provider, consider the features the company offers, its level of experience and the reporting features that are available to you.

The best PPC management companies assign an account manager to your business, and this expert works closely with you to tailor the company's services to suit your business's needs. When you are shopping for a service, ask if the service is a Bing-accredited and Google-certified partner.

The best online marketing companies offer helpful search engine marketing tools, marketing email tools, web and ad design, landing page creation and social listening tools.  

Also, pay attention to customer service. As we mentioned above, many companies assign you an account manager, and you'll be working closely with your manager to develop your online marketing strategy; it's important, therefore, to ensure that you collaborate well together. By choosing a partner who understands your needs and provides good customer service, you can build a comprehensive strategy that boosts your business. 

Our Methodology

Locating the Best Services

To find the best PPC management and online marketing companies, we asked small business owners which companies they've used and recommend. We also researched reputable online sources, including review sites and business websites, and noted companies that consistently had high marks.

Choosing the Best Services

We then researched these vendors in depth, narrowing our list based on different use cases (e.g., small business, very small business, etc.) and the following criteria: rates and contracts, customer service, reporting and analytics, service limitations, tools and services available, email marketing tools, and SEO tools and strategies.

Researching Each Service

We extensively reviewed each service's website, comparing features and prices, and studying user reviews, including Better Business Bureau ratings.

Analyzing Each Service

Finally, we contacted each service, posing as a small business owner to get answers to questions we couldn't find online and, importantly, to assess the customer service and the support you can expect to receive should you become a client. Check out our reviews for detailed info on the pricing and features of each service as well as its customer service.

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