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AdvancedMD Medical Software Review

Max Freedman
Max Freedman
  • AdvancedMD is perhaps the most flexible and competitively priced medical software platform, making it ideal for large practices with highly specific needs.
  • AdvancedMD is best known for its efficiency-boosting task donuts and expansive selection of standard and custom reports.
  • AdvancedMD's drawbacks include costly add-ons that other platforms offer as standard functions and a potentially overwhelming number of features.
  • This review is for medical practices considering AdvancedMD, especially large organizations with specific needs that could benefit from the medical software's a la carte features.

Large practices often have custom needs, so it helps to have a comprehensive medical software platform that can add new features as needed to create a personalized bundle of medical software tools. AdvancedMD customers can pick and choose from the brand's features on an a la carte basis. In other words, if you want only some of AdvancedMD's charting, telehealth, e-prescribing, scheduling, billing, patient reminder, and performance reporting tools, you can pay solely for those. This customizability yields lower prices, meaning that as you stack features, you won't go over budget. As such, we've named AdvancedMD our best pick to meet the highly specific needs of large practices.

AdvancedMD Medical Software

AdvancedMD Medical Software

The Verdict

A strong, flexible medical software solution with competitive prices, AdvancedMD is our best pick for large practices. However, some practices may feel overwhelmed by the vast number of features or the high price of key add-ons.

AdvancedMD Editor's Score: 88/100

Customization 100
Pricing 100
Consultation 75
Revenue cycle management 90
Telehealth 75

Why AdvancedMD Is Best for Large Practices

Large practices often need all kinds of tools, but some medical software platforms lack these practices' most sought-after features while including others that aren't needed. The best medical software systems offer healthcare organizations plenty of choices. AdvancedMD offers many of its services and features a la carte, so its customers only pay for access to the tools they actually need.

Did you know?Did you know? AdvancedMD's a la carte medical software plans and pricing are ideal for anyone starting a new medical practice, specifically for larger practices with one-of-a-kind needs.

In using AdvancedMD's a la carte model, the average customer saves up to 30% on their medical software costs. Once you've set up your custom AdvancedMD suite, you can get up to 20 hours of hands-on AdvancedMD training. After this training, you and your staff will be well prepared to use all your new medical software tools, all of which are features you've requested and actually need.


  • AdvancedMD's customizable service and feature plans can lower practices' medical software costs by up to 30%.
  • AdvancedMD's hands-on, lengthy setup assistance can help large practices get used to their new software.


  • The AdvancedMD a la carte model means some features that come standard with other medical software platforms will cost you extra.
  • As you add more features, the AdvancedMD interface may become more difficult to navigate and use.


Among all the medical software platforms we've reviewed, AdvancedMD's interface ranks high on the user-friendliness scale. That said, the interface isn't perfect. For some users, AdvancedMD's vast suite of features, templates, workflows and shortcuts may prove more confusing than helpful.

AdvancedMD realizes that choosing medical software can be overwhelming and will gladly provide your team with one-on-one training. It also hosts a library of online setup resources. This training, though, might only take your team so far. AdvancedMD is so heavy on features and customizable templates that the learning curve may extend long after training.


Here is a table summarizing AdvancedMD's key features, with details on each feature.

Charting and note-taking You can look at key patient information as you type notes or take notes via hotkeys or voice-to-text.
E-prescribing and labs AdvancedMD includes standard e-prescribing features alongside two-factor authentication, security validation and audit histories that protect your patients' data.
EMR dashboard AdvancedMD's highly flexible, customizable dashboard includes "task donuts" that direct team members where they need to go to complete key tasks.
Interoperability AdvancedMD's interoperability tools streamline the sharing of Meaningful Use and immunization data with health registries - and patient data with other providers.
Medical billing AdvancedMD's ClaimInspector tool and extensive claim-scrubbing features result in a first-pass claim acceptance rate of nearly 100%.
Patient reminders AdvancedMD's automated voice, text and email appointment reminders are available in English and Spanish.
Reporting AdvancedMD's Reporting Center includes several hundred standard and custom financial reports that the program recommends for you based on your needs.
Scheduling AdvancedMD's appointment scheduling tools streamlines tedious work while identifying where in your clinic your patients are awaiting your arrival.
Telehealth AdvancedMD's HIPAA-compliant telehealth suite fully integrates with the AdvancedMD EMR for comprehensive charting and note-taking.

Charting and Note-Taking

In AdvancedMD, we liked that providers can connect with other healthcare professionals in your practice, as well as quickly load your patient's vitals at the beginning of an appointment. You can just as easily access your patient's basic information and a chronological list of allergies, lab results, medications, recent health insurance plans, and more.

The AdvancedMD medications view shows a patient's medication history and flags potential drug interactions.

AdvancedMD offers customizable chart and note-taking templates for each of your appointment types. In our test, we especially liked that when you're taking notes, typing isn't your only option – hotkeys and voice-to-text are also available.

During appointments, you can search AdvancedMD's ICD-10 code library, and you can add relevant codes to your completed clinical notes. You can then send your finalized notes to AdvancedMD's billing team, who will manage your revenue cycle thereafter.

E-Prescribing and Labs

AdvancedMD's e-prescribing suite is accessible via desktop or mobile app. You can use it to view benefit and cost information based on formularies or patient-specific data. This information can be important to know before you send prescriptions to pharmacies.

You can pair your patients with their pharmacies in AdvancedMD, a feature with which AdvancedMD's geographic pharmacy search tool certainly helps. AdvancedMD also presents alternative prescriptions if your patient's insurance doesn't cover the original medication you've prescribed.

AdvancedMD will flag concerning medication interactions before you complete prescriptions. AdvancedMD also offers Electronic Prescribing for Contolled Substances (EPCS) – that means two-factor authentication, security validation and audit histories – to keep your e-prescription data secure.

The AdvancedMD e-prescribing interface makes managing patient prescriptions easy

EMR Dashboard

AdvancedMD lets individual users customize their EMR dashboards however they please. The AdvancedMD dashboard deftly facilitates administrative or clinical data access (or both, for some users).

The AdvancedMD dashboard is well known for its standout "task donut" feature. When you click on these donuts, you'll immediately be sent to certain tools. Such tools include AdvancedMD's HealthWatcher, which pulls up a list of patients who need appointments. With these convenient task donuts, you streamline the work that comes before and after appointments while keeping your staff aware of upcoming patient needs.

AdvancedMD task donuts provide an at-a-glance overview of key practice operations.


With AdvancedMD, your EMR, practice management and patient experience tools are linked to one another in the cloud for peak interoperability. AdvancedMD's interoperability tools let you share immunization and Meaningful Use data with health registries. They also facilitate the basic interoperability task of sharing data with third-party practices and providers.

Medical Billing

AdvancedMD's billing tools include medical claims management features for capturing and reimbursing claims from the same screen. The AdvancedMD billing suite also offers an integrated clearinghouse to streamline your claim uploads and remittance downloads. 

AdvancedMD's ClaimInspector tool automatically scrubs all your claims to catch HIPAA, CCO and ICD errors. AdvancedMD says its first-pass claim acceptance rate reaches nearly 100% with this feature. It also offers claim denial software and auto-populates your claims and copay data. 

Did you know?Did you know? AdvancedMD says its first-pass claim acceptance rate is higher than 96%, which is exceptional by industry average.

Patients can use AdvancedMD's billing platform as well. They can pay bills online through this interface, which your front-office staff can log in to anytime, anywhere. In-person payments are possible as well, and AdvancedMD streamlines them with instant information on patient eligibility, information, and copays.

Patient Reminders

AdvancedMD sends patients automated reminders prior to their appointments. Through these reminders, patients can more easily cancel or reschedule appointments. When they keep their appointments, they can use their reminders' confirmation links to shorten their check-in time when they arrive for their appointments.

AdvancedMD's voice, text and email patient reminders are also available in Spanish. In either language, AdvancedMD can easily organize and filter all patient communications, including intake forms, reminders, and even marketing campaigns.

AdvancedMD intake forms are available to patients through a patient portal and linked to patient reminders. (


Through the AdvancedMD Reporting Center, we gained access to more than 150 standard financial reports and nearly 500 custom reports during our testing. Medical and accounting experts designed these reports to best help you drive your practice's financial performance.

AdvancedMD suggests the best reports for your practice while explaining why they might work for you. You can also search by report category to see many options that might work.

We particularly liked that whichever AdvancedMD reports you choose will prioritize your organization's KPIs, such as total appointments, accounts receivable, collections and patient demographics. You can also save these reports to your computer and open them in Excel to analyze their data.

This is an AdvancedMD sample report of collections by provider


With AdvancedMD's appointment scheduling interface, you'll substantially cut back on the work of navigating crowded calendars. You'll also have simple, quick tools for patient copay collection and check-in. 

The appointment platform's schedule snapshot tool displays your daily appointments based on resources, location or provider. It also lets you perform instant insurance eligibility checks on one or all of your appointments. 

In the appointment scheduling suite, you can hover over appointments to see their type and duration. This view will also display the patient's clinical notes and contact information. Whenever and wherever you spot openings in your practice's calendar, you can easily schedule new appointments.

AdvancedMD also includes recurring appointment tools so that patients who need more than one visit can be swiftly booked. This feature lets you modify individual visits or add patients to waitlists. AdvancedMD automatically moves patients from your waitlist to your calendar when an opening appears.

On appointment day, the AdvancedMD scheduling suite can tell you the exam rooms in which your patients await you. This function slashes patient wait times and leads to a smarter distribution of your staff among patients.


AdvancedMD offers HIPAA-compliant telehealth tools for connecting with patients who can't see you in person. Additionally, the AdvancedMD telehealth suite fully integrates with the AdvancedMD EMR platform. In doing so, it gives you a telemedicine appointment dashboard and tools for storing call screenshots in patient files.


With AdvancedMD, you can build your own suite of features to cut your costs by up to 30%. Alternatively, you can choose a standard AdvancedMD bundle or request a custom quote. The brand doesn't appear to offer a free trial, but you can request a no-cost demo video.

We've also figured out some potential AdvancedMD starting prices in prior research on the brand. AdvancedMD operates on the same pricing model as many other EMR and practice management software (PMS) companies – it charges most users on a monthly per-provider basis. Encounter-based pricing is also available for certain practices.

If you choose AdvancedMD's encounter-based model, you'll pay $2.18 per encounter per month and need to reach a minimum of $500 in monthly encounters. Mathematically, this translates to a minimum of 230 encounters per month. 

For its per-provider-per-month model, AdvancedMD fees start at $729 for its Rhythm suite, which excludes its medical billing services. You can also choose just PMS instead of EMR to start $300 lower, at $429 per provider per month.

However, these AdvancedMD prices lack many features that come standard with most other EMR and PMS platforms we've reviewed. Add-ons that cost extra include appointment scheduling, e-faxing, EPCS, credit card processing services, insurance eligibility checks and lab interfacing.

Did you know?Important: You'll have to pay extra for several AdvancedMD "add-ons" that other medical software platforms include automatically. For a more cost-effective medical software platform, check out our review of DrChrono or our Kareo review.

AdvancedMD's revenue cycle management is also available as an add-on. You'll pay for this service at neither flat nor encounter-based rates. Instead, as we found in our review of AdvancedMD's medical billing services, it costs 4% to 8% of your practice's monthly collections.


Upon starting with AdvancedMD, you can opt in to 20 hours of training, which can take one of two forms. You can either choose one-on-one guided training or browse AdvancedMD's library of online setup resources. However, guided training is not included in most pricing plans and costs extra. When we contacted AdvancedMD, we were told that its training package is available for a flat fee of $5,000.

Key TakeawayFYI: AdvancedMD's implementation and training services are highly in-depth and personalized, but they're quite costly.

Customer Service

Customer support for AdvancedMD is available by phone, live web chat, and help desk ticketing system. Remote access technical support is available for troubleshooting technical issues, allowing a remote customer support agent to take control of a user's device and fix the issue. 


Despite its numerous features, AdvancedMD has some drawbacks. 

  • Add-ons that automatically come with most other platforms: AdvancedMD requires you to pay extra for several features that other medical software providers provide at no added cost. These add-ons include appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, e-faxing, insurance eligibility checks, credit card processing and lab interfacing. For some practices, the notion of paying extra for these key features may be a dealbreaker.

  • Overwhelming interface: Though not necessarily user-unfriendly, the AdvancedMD interface can be overwhelming for some users. It's so packed with features, shortcuts, templates and workflows that the less tech-savvy users at your practice might struggle with it. Some users are known to face challenges even after AdvancedMD's in-depth one-on-one training.


We spent hours researching, analyzing and reviewing medical software. Our research included software demonstrations, phone interviews and customer service calls. We also analyzed customer service reviews available online, including those on the Better Business Bureau website. For this AdvancedMD review, we pored over the AdvancedMD website and contacted company representatives for more information. We chose AdvancedMD as the best for large practices because its choose-what-you-want model and potential cost savings are ideal for meeting highly specific needs without overspending.

What Is Medical Software?

Medical software includes electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management software (PMS) platforms. EMRs streamline patient-facing tasks such as charting, note-taking, telehealth appointments, and e-prescribing while enhancing intra- and inter-office communication. PMS platforms facilitate front-office billing, scheduling and patient experience tasks. 

AdvancedMD Medical Software FAQs

What is AdvancedMD used for?

Practices use AdvancedMD to digitize their patient charts, manage notes and prescriptions, implement telehealth and interoperability measures, and streamline front-office billing, scheduling, and registration tasks. AdvancedMD also offers revenue cycle management services for practices that need to outsource their medical billing.

Is AdvancedMD an EMR?

Yes, AdvancedMD is an EMR. It's also a practice management system and a medical billing service. Your practice can use as few or as many of AdvancedMD's EMR, PMS, and medical billing features and services as you need. Your pricing will depend on which features you choose.

Overall Value

We recommend AdvancedMD ...

  • If you want to customize your practice's suite of medical software tools.
  • If your practice wants hundreds of report templates.
  • If you need an encounter-based pricing model instead of a monthly per-provider fee setup.

We don't recommend AdvancedMD ...

  • If your practice is on a tight enough budget that paying extra for certain features would prove problematic.
  • If your practice has more tech-averse than tech-savvy team members.

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AdvancedMD Medical Software

AdvancedMD Medical Software

The Verdict

A strong, flexible medical software solution with competitive prices, AdvancedMD is our best pick for large practices. However, some practices may feel overwhelmed by the vast number of features or the high price of key add-ons.

Max Freedman
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