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Upserve Review

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson
  • Upserve is a POS system that offers mobile functionality for restaurants, allowing customers to pay from their tables.
  • Upserve also offers detailed reports and data-driven insights about how your restaurant is performing.
  • Upserve is easy to use and learn.
  • This review is for business owners who are looking for a POS system that offers mobile functionality for restaurants.

We chose Upserve as the best POS mobile app for restaurants because it's a good choice for businesses that need a point-of-sale (POS) system to manage customers, menus, operations and employees. Upserve's mobile app provides a wealth of data about how your business is running. For example, you can track your sales, monitor labor costs and gain greater insight into your customers.



The Verdict

Upserve is a strong choice for restaurants that want full reports on their data, competitive pricing and excellent customer support.

Upserve was founded in 2009 as Swipely, and in 2016, the company rebranded as Upserve and announced it would start offering mobile features that catered to the restaurant industry.

The company's mobile app is what sets it apart from other restaurant POS systems. Businesses can use the app to see information on sales, labor costs, customer discounts and more. The software is cloud-based and works well on both Android and iOS devices.

Upserve also offers the hardware you need to run a restaurant, including POS terminals, table-side payment service,  and more. Upserve has affordable pricing options and lets customers get started with a free 30-day trial. Related: Read our Guide on Things to Look for in a Point of Sale (POS) System.


Cost 1.8/2
Features 1.9/2
Hardware 1.8/2
Usability 1.9/2
Customer service 1.9/2
Editor's score 9.3/10

Upserve Pricing and Terms

Upserve offers three pricing packages, and qualifying businesses can get 0% financing on all hardware, software and setup costs. Here is an overview of the three packages and the features included with each plan:

Core Plan

The Core Plan is $59 per month for one terminal and $60 per month for each additional terminal. The payment processing fees are 2.49% plus $0.15 cents per transaction.

For this price, you get the mobile app, reporting features, employee management, restaurant marketing and 24/7 customer support by phone, chat and email. However, with this plan, you don't get menu customization options, inventory alerts or the ability to track server performance.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is $199 per month for one terminal and $50 per month for each additional terminal. The company says this is its most popular plan. The payment processing fees are the same as the Core Plan.

For this price, you get everything in the Core Plan plus some additional features. For example, you can track server performance, receive low-inventory alerts and set up one-click purchasing. This plan also gives you access to additional insights about your customers; for instance, you can see the lifetime value of your customers and set up a customized rewards program to increase customer loyalty.

Upserve provides the ability to create customer loyalty programs.

Pro Plus Plan

The Pro Plus Plan is Upserve's most comprehensive plan, and it's ideal for more established restaurants. It costs $359 per month for one terminal and $40 per month for each additional terminal. The payment processing fees are the same as the core plan.

For this price, you get everything in the first two plans, but the biggest difference is that the Pro Plus Plan allows you to integrate your Upserve data with your own tech platforms, so you can create a solution that's customized to your business. Pro Plus Plan customers also receive an Enterprise Management Account that provides dedicated support and account management services. 

Key takeawayKey takeaway: Upserve offers three pricing plans ranging from $59 to $359 per month, with additional fees for extra terminals and payment processing.


Upserve helps you gain greater insights and manage your restaurant more efficiently. Here is an overview of the features that make that happen:

POS Hardware

Upserve offers a full suite of hardware, and the company will work with you to determine what is necessary for your business. Here are some of the hardware options:

  • Tableside devices: The Upserve Tableside device comes with a 5-inch screen and clips easily to a belt or apron. With this device, servers can take orders and accept payments at the table, as well as update menu details and remove old items.
  • Terminals: Upserve provides terminals for accepting payments. You can also use the terminals to gain actionable insights about your business, including server and menu performance.
  • EMV readers: Upserve offers EMV readers, and customers can dip, swipe or tap their cards to pay. These readers come with advanced security to reduce your risk of charge-backs.
Upserve offers a wide selection of POS hardware.

Upserve HQ

With Upserve HQ, you'll receive detailed insight into how your restaurant is performing. Every day, you'll get an email showing you how your restaurant performed the previous day. You'll also have access to the Guest Book, which creates unique guest profiles for everyone who pays by credit card. Servers can add their own notes, and you can segment customers into lists for personalized marketing campaigns. You can also see a complete breakdown of your menu and how each item is performing, as well as manage inventory levels and reordering to optimize your stock at any given time.

Mobile App

In the restaurant industry, you need the ability to respond quickly, and with the Upserve mobile app, you'll have all the information you need about your restaurant right in your pocket. The mobile POS app lets you do things such as track labor costs, monitor sales and track analytics. It's especially beneficial if you need a way to monitor multiple restaurant locations. You'll get a real-time view of each location in one place, which will help cut down on the complexity of managing multiple stores. The app also makes it easier to stay on top of your discounts and comps and track the reason for each, so you can watch out for any negative trends.

The Upserve mobile app is great for tracking sales, covers, labor costs, voids and comps, and more.

Online Ordering

With Upserve, you can begin offering online ordering options within 48 hours. The company will build your menu for you and launch a personalized webpage where your customers can place their orders. The interface is easy to navigate and allows customers to look through the menu options and place an order for pickup. Once the order is placed, it's sent directly to the kitchen, which helps cut down on errors. Related Article: How POS Systems Are Changing (and Why It Matters).

Upserve Workforce

You can also use the software to manage your staff. For example, you can create employee schedules either from scratch or by using a template. From there, you can text each employee their weekly or monthly schedule with a single click. Upserve Workforce makes it easier to stay on top of your labor costs, and you can require manager approvals if employees clock in for their shift too early.

Upserve can help you monitor your labor costs.

Did you KnowDid you know? Of the POS systems we reviewed, Upserve offers one of the most robust slates of features. It has everything we looked for in a POS system, including advanced data insights.


The biggest drawback of Upserve is the lack of flexible payment processing options. The only available payment processing service for Upserve users, regardless of the pricing package, is an integrated PCI Level 1 compliant service through Upserve Payments, which charges 2.49% plus 15 cents per transaction. Because there are no alternative payment processing rates and you can't work with third-party payment processing services, Upserve users have no flexibility regarding payment processing fees. [Check out more reviews to help you find the best credit card company for your business]

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The Verdict

Upserve is a strong choice for restaurants that want full reports on their data, competitive pricing and excellent customer support.

Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson
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